Mythic Kin'garoth falls after we finally manage to reclear Imonar with enough time to progress! Good job everyone!
Mythic Imonar finally falls. Imonar was definitely one of the more frustrating bosses this tier and is without a doubt the Gorefiend wall of it. Good job everyone! Now we can finally move on to Kin'garoth!
Portalkeeper down! Now we move into wing 2 of Antorus. Everyone be prepared for Imonar next...
Mythic High Command falls before the New Year! Next we turn our sights to Eonar and Portalkeeper to finish out the first wing.
Goodbye Dogs we will never forget you.
Our first week in Mythic Antorus has Garothi falling! Good work everyone!

Argus cleared on H and picked up Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker (W558) this week as well and some poking on dogs. More to come! For now we enjoy our birdies.

Fatcat had to be lifegripped to the roof because he doesnt have flying #exposed.


We also did get M Maiden down before ToS cutoff, but lets not talk about tomb.. tis a silly place..

Desolate Host goes down without much fuss. 5/9m.
Mistress next.. do we have to? Argus? please?