Our first week in Mythic Antorus has Garothi falling! Good work everyone!

Argus cleared on H and picked up Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker (W558) this week as well and some poking on dogs. More to come! For now we enjoy our birdies.

Fatcat had to be lifegripped to the roof because he doesnt have flying #exposed.


We also did get M Maiden down before ToS cutoff, but lets not talk about tomb.. tis a silly place..

Desolate Host goes down without much fuss. 5/9m.
Mistress next.. do we have to? Argus? please?

This week we took Aluriel out for a meet n greet with Tichondrius and star gazing with Etraeus. She wasn't too interested in her demonic overlord and dipped out under cover of darkness, but she was happy to help entertain in the planetarium.

Spellblade + Tich:
Spellblade + Star Augur:
For April Fools this year everyone found themselves with a new Power Rangers identity.. the evil Lord Zedd and his henchmen wasted no time getting to work.. A highlight from todays episode:
Because of Suramar feasts being buffed to give 500 primary stats, we will be starting a new Weekly Quest to collect food for the raid. This quest will reward 200 EP a week.

To claim your reward each week, mail at least ONE SET of the following items in the list to Nellabel with the title "Weekly Quest":
  • 20x Slice of Bacon and 100x any 300 food (certain foods may requested each week in raid based on need, so pay attention)
  • 20x Slice of Bacon and any combination of 100 of the following: Leyblood, Black Barracuda, Highmountain Salmon, Runescale Koi, Stormray, Big Gamy Ribs, or Lean Shank
  • 40x Slice of Bacon
  • 8 Lavish Suramar Feasts
You can claim the 200 EP reward once a week. Keep in mind that if everyone in the raid completes these quests, you will not need to farm 375 food for yourself each week for raid, as we will be using feasts instead. This quest is available immediately.

As many guilds begin to stagnate or completely dissolve, we continue to march on. Our doors are open right now to many of the displaced raiders looking for a reliable raid team to complete the content ahead. We ain't setting any speed records, but for those out there that need a home we can offer the best reliability to be found on the realm with that laid back atmosphere you need to enjoy the game and get work done at the same time. Whether you're looking to raid at our full schedule of 3hrs/3days or just want to stay current enough to fill the gaps when subs are needed, toss up an application!

Heroic Xavius cleared on week 1, not too shabby! This raid is beautiful and so are all of you beautiful bastards that showed up for overtime and provided consumables.

Potion seller, I need your strongest potions.
*** Update ***

The bar for the first week of raiding will be set at 20 artifact traits


Going forward in Legion raiding, we have decided to implement a change to the way EP is rewarded that will be in effect for the foreseeable future. EP you receive will now be affected by the number of artifact traits you have acquired relative to the person in the raid with the highest number of traits using the following formula:

EP = EP * (T / B)

...where T is the number of traits you have, and B is the bar we have set for artifact points. This caps at 100%.

For example, if the bar is 20 and Kaustos has 20 artifact traits, Chugg has 22, and Zalvator has 6, then EP would be rewarded like so:

  • Kaustos gets the max of 300 for a night.
  • Chugg gets 300 also, because 22 / 20 >= 100%
  • Zalvator would receive 90 EP for the full night, because 6 / 20 = 30% * 300 EP = 90
This change is intended to reward people who put in the effort to maximize their Artifact, something that is done outside of raid, because the Artifact will easily be the biggest bonus to your output this expansion and is not something that can be ignored.

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