For the next month (at least) we will be running a series of EP bonus events centered on the Valor gear upgrades. Raiders who put in the effort each week to earn valor and upgrade their gear (to benefit the raid!) will earn bonus 300 EP (yes, I said 300) at the end of the week.

To qualify, you must earn at least 1000 Valor for the week and apply 4 upgrades to your raiding gear. Once you have upgraded your gear, all you have to do is whisper Ashijin or Nellabel and link the items you have upgraded as proof (and get confirmation). These items will be recorded, and you cannot use the same upgrades to quality in later weeks. Bonus EP will be applied the Tuesday following the weekly event, and you have until that point to submit your proof.

If you do not submit any upgrades for consideration, we will also check people's armories on Monday night, but will make no guarantees we won't miss something, so make sure you get those submitted!

That's it! Get out there and get your gear upgraded! Effort to improve for raid equals Effort Points!
Starting this week, we are making some tweaks to how our custom EPGP system works in order to close up some loop-hole shenanigans as well as to make things a bit more fair overall.

None of you like to read though, so right to the changes!

* Contested items where all parties would benefit from <= 6 ilvls, the item is half cost.
* If an item is a >6 ilvl upgrade for someone, and a <=6 ilvl upgrade for you, you are not eligible for the item unless you can make a convincing case to the loot council (i.e. upgrading from an ultra-poorly itemized piece to a perfectly itemized piece), but you will pay full GP for it..
* Gems (and Warforged of course) are now worth 6 item levels towards the Upgrade Bonus.
* If people are upgrading from the exact same piece and are only gaining a gem slot, the item will cost 80 GP.
* Loot links must now be linked to officer chat using /o (you will not see the message, don't worry)
* If you link for offspec you must specify offspec in the same message or you will be charged full price

We are always evaluating our loot system. Please feel free to reply to this thread with any feedback.

Gorefiend is finally down after 141 attempts! Good job everyone, we beat the average!
And may the rng forever be in your favor. :sun:
In light of Zephzero coming out as a furry, I have encouraged the raid team to create and share their own fursonas. Doing so will get you a little bit of bonus EP (+100). Not doing so makes you boring and drab. Even if you're not part of the raid, feel free to participate [​IMG]

Core raiders and those interested in becoming a part of the main raid, please respond to this thread with the times you are able to raid each week so we can figure out a more concrete schedule that will work for everyone.

If you do not reply to this thread it will be assumed you can make ANY raid times.

Thanks you!
Team Puppies will not be raiding this week or the following 2 weeks due to Christmas and New Years. Raiding will resume the week of January 7th.

We will be running alt raids and shit the next few weeks instead.

Merry Christmas everyone!
It's 1 week until Siege comes out! I hope you're all enjoying your break from raiding.

There are a few last-minute preparations I'd like everyone to make before Siege hits that will help things go smoothly.

<strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">TLDR at bottom; read the bolded and underlined shit.</span></u></strong>
Firstly, hopefully most of you recall the talk we all had a month or two ago about expanding our roster to 11-13 players, one extra potentially of each role, so people being late or not being able to raid certain days wouldn't be an issue. To help with this,
<strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">I'd like everyone to keep an up-to-date list of bosses they need gear from.</span></u></strong>
I should be able to ask who can swap on certain fights and get an immediate response.
<strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">It would probably be even better if we kept these lists on the forums.</span></u></strong>
I want to make sure this tier that our extra roster members get plenty of raiding time so they are fat, happy, and compelled to stay.
<strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">I will of course continue bringing the best geared and most reliable people for progression, but normal and farm bosses we [u]will[/u] be swapping in people a lot more than in the past.</span></u></strong>
This way it won't be a big deal if someone doesn't want to raid one day because of school or work or illness or whatever.

<strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">our schedule is now Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, with Sunday or Monday as optional/makeup days</span></u></strong>
<strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">Saven has been promoted</span></u></strong>
and is now in charge of scheduling. It will be his job to maintain a google doc and the calendar and shit with a list of people who can't make certain days.
<strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">If you cannot make certain days you must notify...
The up-to-date schedule for our raid can be found at the link below:

Reclamtions Raid Schedule

If there is an error or you need to let someone know of an availability change, please contact Saven.

-Thank you


It was a long, fun tier for us. There were betrayals, drama, tears, and many road bumps, but we've come out stronger than ever.

After only 69 attempts on Lei Shen and 18 on Ra-Den we had a very smooth finish, ending US 99th for 10-mans. I feel that's a good spot for us to be in considering how weak we started into the tier, and how casually we take raiding. This also marks our guild's first Realm First for raiding, so that's kinda neat!

Onward to Orgrimmar! Next tier should be just as exciting.

Also, here's our Ra-den kill video [link]