Kaustos has added yet another legendary to his massive collection. grabbing the rogue daggers after an irritating week of getting his 60th gem cluster off Deathwing himself and having to wait an entire week just to kill Deathwing again for his jaw.

Unfortunately the daggers do not come with any guild benefits other than better DPS, but we're all happy for him nonetheless!

We'll be resuming Dragon Soul progression soon. The last few weeks have been stagnant as we work on farming Heroic Rag for fire hawks, killed Sinestra for some titles, and have been working on finding a replacement for Bodua who will soon be leaving us to work for the Texas Rangers. We'll all miss you Bodua!

Any healers interested in doing heroic DS progression should apply on our forums.
Much has happened since the last update, as the warriors of Reclamations are far too busy murdering innocent dragons to make news posts.

5/8 HM pre-10% nerf.

Probably the hardest fight for us was Zon'ozz heroic due to the crazy damage output, the ball bugging out a lot (Zon'ozz shooting the ball into the ground under him is cool), and other stupid shit like that, but with the 5% nerf things became much easier and he's now on farm.

The only other complicated boss was Hagara, which we downed pre 5% nerf. Not hard, but complicated. Probably the most enjoyable fight of the tier if you ask me.

Heroic Ultraxion was a pushover and we essentially one-shot him with all our legendary dps.

Speaking of legendaries, Saven has since gotten his legendary staff. WHOOPS. Congratulations Saven!
Congratulations to Barrace on obtaining the guild 2nd legendary staff!
In a shocking turn of events, Reclamations claimed the server's first Darkmoon Faire Arena victory on Sunday morning.

Guild Warlock Saven claimed the trinket while others held off random PvPers and mobs from War Front.

After the victory, Dopeshady or Ironboxy could not be reached for comment.

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The first Minecraft contest begins today!

If you are participating, you must REPLY TO THIS THREAD with your 1-2 element choices and the coordinates of where you'll be building (hit F4 in spout to see coordinates).

Current Participants:
  • Elianyos

The theme for this contest will be Pokemon Gyms. You can use any idea you want for a gym as long as it fits with the guidelines. However, it is encouraged to use ideas from the games rather than the TV show.

What does this mean? In the games, Pokemon gyms generally involved simple themed puzzles and platforming before you got to the trainer. Doing things like this is a plus, but is not required (think of it as extra-credit).

Contest Requirements:
  • Must be obvious it is a POKEMON GYM
    Maximum of 2 Pokemon elements to theme it off of
    Gym must include a battle arena, trainer areas, and (optional) gym challenges.
    Must be built at least 400 blocks away from an existing gym

Each gym will be judged based on how well it looks both outside and inside, the arena area, good usage of your elemental theme in the design and terraforming, and clever gym challenges.

Contest Summary:
Duration: October 10th to October 28th.
Game Mode: Creative (infinite blocks and flying)
Game Version: 1.8.1
Recommended Client: SpoutCraft Client
Texture Pack: Super Reclamations World
Theme: Pokemon Gyms

1st Place Prize: 20k WoW Gold OR 10k WoW Gold + $10 in Riot Points OR $20 in Riot Points
Honorable Mentions 2k gold consolation prize
Reclamation's first guild Minecraft contest begins October 10th 2011 (next Monday)!

In order to be eligible, you must reply to this thread saying you want to participate in the contest. Late contestants will not be accepted more than a week after the contest has started. The contest will be based around a particular building theme. For example, if the theme was Airships, whoever built the best airship would win.

Judges can participate but are not eligible for any prizes. Entries will be judged on several things including how well they look, how well they fit the theme, and functionality (doing cool things with redstone/pistons is a plus but not required). The winning entry + any honorable mentions will also be eligible to be copied to the guild's SMP map.

The server will run Bukkit with a number of bukkit mods, including anti-griefing mods. Anyone caught griefing other people's entries will be disqualified and probably booted from the guild (and kicked in the dick). If there is a specific Bukkit plugin you'd like to use, inform me and I'll see if I can add it but there are no guarantees. Bukkit plugins can be found here.

It is highly recommended that you use the SpoutCraft client rather than the default MineCraft client when connecting to the server, but not required.

Obviously you must own Minecraft to be eligible to enter the contest.

If multiple people work on one entry, the prize will be split between them.

Duration: 2-3 weeks (announced at start date)
Game Mode: Creative (infinite blocks and flying)
Game Version: 1.8.1
Texture Pack: Sphax PureBD Craft
Theme: Will be announced on October 10th
1st Place Prize: 20k WoW Gold OR 10k WoW Gold + $10 in Riot...
Did normal modes the nerf week to get rid of the easy achievements, and picked up realm first Glory of the Firelands raider! Enjoy your shiny purple Fire Hawks everyone!
Heroic Beth'tilac falls as Reclamations reaches 5/7! Just Heroic Baleroc stands between us and purple firehawk mounts. After playing catchup, we've managed to rapidly catch up to other guilds in progression and will soon be matched. Beth'tilac turned out surprisingly easy, and fell after only a few attempts.

Baleroc would have died too, if Barrace hadn't DCed mid-fight causing a 20% wipe. FUCKING BARRACE!

Picture coming soon.
It was so easy we didn't even take a picture. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz