Did normal modes the nerf week to get rid of the easy achievements, and picked up realm first Glory of the Firelands raider! Enjoy your shiny purple Fire Hawks everyone!
Heroic Beth'tilac falls as Reclamations reaches 5/7! Just Heroic Baleroc stands between us and purple firehawk mounts. After playing catchup, we've managed to rapidly catch up to other guilds in progression and will soon be matched. Beth'tilac turned out surprisingly easy, and fell after only a few attempts.

Baleroc would have died too, if Barrace hadn't DCed mid-fight causing a 20% wipe. FUCKING BARRACE!

Picture coming soon.
It was so easy we didn't even take a picture. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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All it took was Lootifah not dying to firey tornadoes.
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Finally back on the progression train after a few weeks of gearing up both new and old raiders returning to the game. Speaking of which, welcome back Fitchkrieg and Grumblecorn!

Now on to fights that are less about RNG.
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Is this your pet?

If so, Reclamations needs you for Firelands heroic modes! Team Puppies (7/7, 1/7 HM) is looking for an exceptional hunter to fill our ranks. Requirements include a 20k+ dps with normal-mode Firelands or tier 11 heroic experience, an open schedule, a good attitude and your name being "Bella" with a wolf pet named "Jacob".

If you're interested and want a guild filled with friendly, tolerable, no-cussing no-joking-around no-hostility environment, go apply to Symbol of Aggression instead! If you just want the friendly part but enjoy some completely intolerable fuckery combined with progression raiding, alt raids, achievement/mount runs, and lots of fun times, click "Apply" at the top of the page.

(really though, if you're a girl named Bella with a wolf pet named Jacob, instant invite)
<span style="color:#FF0000;">Priest spot is now filled, we're not accepting any more raider apps for priests.</span>

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Are you a priest? Do you heal? Are you level 85? (if not stop reading now, jesus). If so, then Reclamations might need you!

Reclamations' Team Puppies, Frostmane's #1 casual half-ass raiding group (7/7 normal, 1/7 heroic) will soon be losing its holy priest Faultyheals, winner of the 2010 Horde's Worst Priest of the Year award, to real-life things like school and alcohol. In order to fill the tiny void he'll leave behind, we're in need of a qualified healer. In order to be eligible, you must be Firelands-geared, have a degree of past heroic mode experience, and look good in a top hat.

Still remotely interested? Then hit the Apply link at the top of the page and fill out an application!

Bonus points given if you are:
- Asian
- A Dwarf
- Can raid until 4am server every day forever
- Female
- Have the word Faulty in your name
- Named Shaneequa IRL
- Own a tiny annoying dog
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Wish we had reserved more time for other heroics this week. This guy was a real pushover.

Heroic Rhyolith and friends next week!
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After a bumpy few weeks with our 25-man experiment, Reclamation's #1 raid group Team Puppies is back to doing 10s. Normal modes all-in-all were very boring, and we're looking forward to jumping right into heroics ASAP... but for now, we had to kill Ragnaros on normal to unlock them.

Ragnaros was a fun fight overall, with the biggest challenge being figuring out add assignments in the transitions. Phase 3 seemed like a huge trololololol as Faultyheals and Nitedream played volleyball to take home the gold.

Heroic modes here we go!
Too easy.

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