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Is this your pet?

If so, Reclamations needs you for Firelands heroic modes! Team Puppies (7/7, 1/7 HM) is looking for an exceptional hunter to fill our ranks. Requirements include a 20k+ dps with normal-mode Firelands or tier 11 heroic experience, an open schedule, a good attitude and your name being "Bella" with a wolf pet named "Jacob".

If you're interested and want a guild filled with friendly, tolerable, no-cussing no-joking-around no-hostility environment, go apply to Symbol of Aggression instead! If you just want the friendly part but enjoy some completely intolerable fuckery combined with progression raiding, alt raids, achievement/mount runs, and lots of fun times, click "Apply" at the top of the page.

(really though, if you're a girl named Bella with a wolf pet named Jacob, instant invite)
<span style="color:#FF0000;">Priest spot is now filled, we're not accepting any more raider apps for priests.</span>

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Are you a priest? Do you heal? Are you level 85? (if not stop reading now, jesus). If so, then Reclamations might need you!

Reclamations' Team Puppies, Frostmane's #1 casual half-ass raiding group (7/7 normal, 1/7 heroic) will soon be losing its holy priest Faultyheals, winner of the 2010 Horde's Worst Priest of the Year award, to real-life things like school and alcohol. In order to fill the tiny void he'll leave behind, we're in need of a qualified healer. In order to be eligible, you must be Firelands-geared, have a degree of past heroic mode experience, and look good in a top hat.

Still remotely interested? Then hit the Apply link at the top of the page and fill out an application!

Bonus points given if you are:
- Asian
- A Dwarf
- Can raid until 4am server every day forever
- Female
- Have the word Faulty in your name
- Named Shaneequa IRL
- Own a tiny annoying dog
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Wish we had reserved more time for other heroics this week. This guy was a real pushover.

Heroic Rhyolith and friends next week!
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After a bumpy few weeks with our 25-man experiment, Reclamation's #1 raid group Team Puppies is back to doing 10s. Normal modes all-in-all were very boring, and we're looking forward to jumping right into heroics ASAP... but for now, we had to kill Ragnaros on normal to unlock them.

Ragnaros was a fun fight overall, with the biggest challenge being figuring out add assignments in the transitions. Phase 3 seemed like a huge trololololol as Faultyheals and Nitedream played volleyball to take home the gold.

Heroic modes here we go!
Too easy.

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After a night of adventure with our new friends the Mongorians, Beth'tilac is the first to fall as we begin our crusade of the Firelands as a rejuvinated 25man raiding guild.

It was a fairly daunting challenge at first, but once we organized everyone properly the encounter became quite simple and should already be on farm status.

In any case, good job everyone!

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