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    Starting this week, we are making some tweaks to how our custom EPGP system works in order to close up some loop-hole shenanigans as well as to make things a bit more fair overall.

    None of you like to read though, so right to the changes!

    * Contested items where all parties would benefit from <= 6 ilvls, the item is half cost.
    * If an item is a >6 ilvl upgrade for someone, and a <=6 ilvl upgrade for you, you are not eligible for the item unless you can make a convincing case to the loot council (i.e. upgrading from an ultra-poorly itemized piece to a perfectly itemized piece), but you will pay full GP for it..
    * Gems (and Warforged of course) are now worth 6 item levels towards the Upgrade Bonus.
    * If people are upgrading from the exact same piece and are only gaining a gem slot, the item will cost 80 GP.
    * Loot links must now be linked to officer chat using /o (you will not see the message, don't worry)
    * If you link for offspec you must specify offspec in the same message or you will be charged full price

    We are always evaluating our loot system. Please feel free to reply to this thread with any feedback.

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