New Weekly Quest for Feasts (Rewards 200 EP)

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    Because of Suramar feasts being buffed to give 500 primary stats, we will be starting a new Weekly Quest to collect food for the raid. This quest will reward 200 EP a week.

    To claim your reward each week, mail at least ONE SET of the following items in the list to Nellabel with the title "Weekly Quest":
    • 20x Slice of Bacon and 100x any 300 food (certain foods may requested each week in raid based on need, so pay attention)
    • 20x Slice of Bacon and any combination of 100 of the following: Leyblood, Black Barracuda, Highmountain Salmon, Runescale Koi, Stormray, Big Gamy Ribs, or Lean Shank
    • 40x Slice of Bacon
    • 8 Lavish Suramar Feasts
    You can claim the 200 EP reward once a week. Keep in mind that if everyone in the raid completes these quests, you will not need to farm 375 food for yourself each week for raid, as we will be using feasts instead. This quest is available immediately.
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