Siege of Orgrimmar Preparations

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    It's 1 week until Siege comes out! I hope you're all enjoying your break from raiding.

    There are a few last-minute preparations I'd like everyone to make before Siege hits that will help things go smoothly.

    <strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">TLDR at bottom; read the bolded and underlined shit.</span></u></strong>
    Firstly, hopefully most of you recall the talk we all had a month or two ago about expanding our roster to 11-13 players, one extra potentially of each role, so people being late or not being able to raid certain days wouldn't be an issue. To help with this,
    <strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">I'd like everyone to keep an up-to-date list of bosses they need gear from.</span></u></strong>
    I should be able to ask who can swap on certain fights and get an immediate response.
    <strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">It would probably be even better if we kept these lists on the forums.</span></u></strong>
    I want to make sure this tier that our extra roster members get plenty of raiding time so they are fat, happy, and compelled to stay.
    <strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">I will of course continue bringing the best geared and most reliable people for progression, but normal and farm bosses we [u]will[/u] be swapping in people a lot more than in the past.</span></u></strong>
    This way it won't be a big deal if someone doesn't want to raid one day because of school or work or illness or whatever.

    <strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">our schedule is now Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, with Sunday or Monday as optional/makeup days</span></u></strong>
    <strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">Saven has been promoted</span></u></strong>
    and is now in charge of scheduling. It will be his job to maintain a google doc and the calendar and shit with a list of people who can't make certain days.
    <strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">If you cannot make certain days you must notify him in some way and post in the attendance thread he will maintain [u]NO FUCKING EXCEPTIONS[/u]</span></u></strong>

    Thirdly, everyone
    <strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">make sure you log on early on the 10th and patch, update add-ons, etc,</span></u></strong>
    we do not want to start late if at all possible as we should clear normal the first week. We should try to do as many achievements as possible the first week too. While we're not really in any kind of rush, it would be good to bulldoze this tier so we can farm the heroic-only mount as much as possible before people get burnt out. Keep in mind we need to get it for everyone in the raid and maybe some of our friends before the next expansion hits.

    <strong><u><span style="color:#FFF;">some of us will be running a Flex-Raid group for alts and casuals and whatnot, if you are interested reply to this thread, it will probably be on Fridays and/or Saturdays.</span></u></strong>
    Oh and the 10th is actually Kaustos' birthday so everyone should send him gifts.

    [*] Keep a list of bosses/gear you need
    [*] We will be cycling people more
    [*] Raiding Tues/Wed/Thurs + optional/makeup Sun/Mon now
    [*] Attendance-related shit must be posted in attendance thread and said to Saven
    [*] Patch and update addons BEFORE RAID on Tuesday
    [*] Flex-raid group and shit
    [*] The 10th is Kaustos' birthday so send him presents

    ok bye

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