Weekly EP Bonus Events!

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    For the next month (at least) we will be running a series of EP bonus events centered on the Valor gear upgrades. Raiders who put in the effort each week to earn valor and upgrade their gear (to benefit the raid!) will earn bonus 300 EP (yes, I said 300) at the end of the week.

    To qualify, you must earn at least 1000 Valor for the week and apply 4 upgrades to your raiding gear. Once you have upgraded your gear, all you have to do is whisper Ashijin or Nellabel and link the items you have upgraded as proof (and get confirmation). These items will be recorded, and you cannot use the same upgrades to quality in later weeks. Bonus EP will be applied the Tuesday following the weekly event, and you have until that point to submit your proof.

    If you do not submit any upgrades for consideration, we will also check people's armories on Monday night, but will make no guarantees we won't miss something, so make sure you get those submitted!

    That's it! Get out there and get your gear upgraded! Effort to improve for raid equals Effort Points!

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